COVID-19 Policy Statement

Effective today RYSS are making changes to how we will be operating due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We take the health and safety of our clients, participants and staff very seriously and our protocols are determined by official guidance from Health NSW, the Department of Health, our funding sources (including Dept. of Communities and Justice and the NDIA), and of course guidance from the RYSS Management Committee.

We are now making preparations for all staff to be able to work remotely. The RYSS shopfront at 123 Donnison Street, Gosford will be closed. The RYSS phone number will still be operational and our Resource Worker will be taking messages and notifying staff so they can reply. Clients are encouraged to call or email our staff as face to face interactions will be limited and not always be possible at this time.

Our Wyoming Youth Skills Centre will be closed until further notice, this also means RYSS Group programs have been postponed. We have made the decision to suspend ALL RYSS Groups (including NDIS, Wyoming, and Theatre) for the remainder of Term 1. Pending further updates, we are hopeful that we will be able to resume Groups for Term 2 (which would be commencing the week of 27th April). This is a precautionary measure intended to prevent any unintended exposure that may have otherwise occurred in the delivery of those groups.

RYSS is continuing to deliver support as per usual rostering and staff will practice thorough hygiene practice adhering to the latest advice in regard to ‘social distancing’ – i.e. no ‘handshaking’, and to keep an area clear of 1.5m from others. We will encourage our clients to adhere to the same practices.

We will continue to adapt our delivery of supports according to the conditions in which we find ourselves, and apply best practice to our support delivery, making use of the most up to date information and advice. Similarly, RYSS intends to provide the best support we are able to, under the current circumstances. We will ensure we meet our duty of care obligations for clients of RYSS, and that we provide them with reliable and practical guidance and suitable referrals to support services that best meet their need.

These current practices will be subject to change as we follow and evolve with the current heath crisis.