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As we move into August, RYSS would like to say a Special and heart felt Thank You to all our clients, their families and carers, as well as our Community and Business supporters, and service provider colleagues across the Central Coast for your ongoing engagement in our services, your interest in our many new forms of support for young people, and most of all for making such an incredible contribution to keeping each other safe during these very challenging times. For over 30 years, RYSS has been part of the Central Coast Community, and we believe it has never been more important that we come together, for each other. So again, we say a huge thank you, from our frontline case workers, support staff, and the RYSS Management Team and Committee.

In March this year, in response to the emerging COVID-19 health crisis, RYSS Staff commenced remote supports across all programs, and immediately began evolving how we engage young people to ensure continuity of support, despite the many new challenges we and young people across the Coast were facing. Throughout, we have continued to work hard to make sure we have remained able to deliver support, advice, advocacy, and guidance to so many young people, young families, and people with disability across the Central Coast.

RYSS have taken this time to apply our ever-present creative flair to how we deliver support – and in doing so have delivered a range of online, live feed, and small group activities. Our face to face supports have continued wherever it has been needed - not only have we been sure to stay connected to everyone who needs our support, we have continued to engage with ever increasing numbers of young people since the start of the year.

We have of course implemented a range of safety measures, including use of face masks, gloves, and hand sanitiser for staff and clients wherever needed, registered as a COVID Safe Organisation, and evolved our spaces and programs to ensure we accommodate the now ever present 1.5m physical distance rule at all times. All RYSS staff are screened regularly to ensure client safety, and young people engaging in face to face supports at RYSS are informed and guided in similar screening checks. We can also support any young person with assistance, access, and advocacy should COVID information, testing or medical assistance be needed.

Our Wyoming Youth Skills Centre is now delivering a range of groups and programs (insert RYSS weblink), and all RYSS Teams are maintaining their usual roster of staff for face to face, online, and phone engagement. Our RYSS Intake and Resource staff are available Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm, (Insert RYSS Enquiry link). We also have some exciting new programs in the coming weeks and months – please take a moment to check out our latest news for everything new at RYSS.

As we continue to weather the ongoing health crisis, we not only remain focused on providing the highest level of support to young people across the Central Coast, but also committed to continuing to create and develop new, innovate ways to engage young people, build independence, and advocate for those who need it.

To see our organisation's previous COVID 19 service update please click on the corresponding link below:


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