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Nyugang-biyn Buridjga - All Woman Rise

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Regional Youth Support Services and Mingaletta Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Corporation are proud to present Nyugang-biyn Buridjga - a program designed to engage and empower the young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women of the Central Coast. Nyugang-biyn Buridjga is a Darkinjung phrase meaning "all women rise." The program will be facilitated at the Mingaletta Community Centre along with occasional off-site excursions ( participants will be advised of further details).

Topics to educate and motivate include:

  • Connecting to ourselves and to culture

  • Healthy living and mental health

  • Women’s and sexual health

  • Celebrating safely - drug and alcohol education

  • LOVEBiTES - domestic violence and healthy relationships

  • Practical and independent living skills

Activities (because having fun is important too!)

  • Traditional Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander arts & craft

  • Self-care and pampering activities

  • Cooking culturally inspired treats

Location: Mingaletta - 6 Sydney Ave, Umina Beach NSW 2257

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander girls: 12-18yrs

8 Week Program | Running on Wednesdays | 3:30PM - 5:30PM (2hrs)

The program will soon commence and spaces are limited. If you or someone you know is interested in participating, please make contact as soon as possible.

Dana Patterson - RYSS IJP Caseworker

Ph. 0431 972 732


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