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Peninsula Youth Voice Forum

In 2023 Regional Youth Support Services in partnership with the NSW Government Department of Regional Youth (Peninsula Youth Strategy Project) hosted two Youth Forums to consult with the young people who reside on the Central Coast Peninsula. Young people identified their issues- naming topics such as transport, accessibility to services, inclusion, and recreation. As well as expressing their concerns, the young people also came up with ideas and solutions to improve the quality of their lives. The outcome from these forums brought to light the need for better access to services for Peninsula young people since the local services closed in October 2022. After a lot of effort and collaboration we now announce the establishment of Peninsula Youth Services. This video captures the Peninsula Youth Voice Forum (Oct 2023)- The direct voices of Peninsula young people. 

Thank you to everyone involved who contributed to the success of this project. 

Brisbane Water Secondary College students at Woy Woy and Umina

Peninsula young people 

RYSS Staff and Management 

Dan Brown - Regional Youth NSW 

Liesl Tesch MP 

Youth Action


Deep Water Plaza

Central Coast Council


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