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The Indigenous Justice Programs main focus is supporting young clients to reduce and cease their engagement in crime and the justice system and has delivered a number of impressive client outcomes. IJP has a range of resources and stakeholder services available to it, to ensure clients are able to access and engage in support services in areas they are comfortable with. To engage in the appropriate levels of support means that the client can be assured every success.

One such success relates to a young Indigenous male Sam, aged 18, who after engaging with IJP was successfully approved for the Indigenous Justice Housing Program and is now confidently living independently. He has also completed the living skills program, maintained his engagement with his employment agency, attends the gym daily, successfully gained entry into TAFE Gosford to complete his year 10 English and Maths studies, and has recently secured a casual job at a chicken factory. Sam has only been in the program for a few months and has achieved so much already with the help of IJP and other supports. It's already a massive contrast from his life before IJP. Sam was from an overcrowded family home where he shared beds with his siblings and was at a high risk of offending.

Sam is very motivated and determined to continue his success, and next year hopes to enrol in the Armed Forces after he completes his TAFE studies. He has always remained positive and has maintained a high level of engagement with his caseworker and interest in the IJP program. He is looking forward to connecting with his culture and beginning to find his family roots by participating in “Find my mob” family tree with the help of his immediate family.

Sam's caseworker and RYSS staff are very proud of his achievement’s in such a short time frame within IJP, and are looking forward to seeing even more positive outcomes for him in the future.

*please note name has been changed for privacy reasons.


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