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The Shark Cage

RYSS will be delivering The Shark Cage program to empower young mothers who have experienced abuse and violence. This eight-week evidence-based program explores common types of abuse that women experience and how this abuse relates to violations in human rights. This program is relevant for women who have experienced more than one instance of abuse in their lives and may have begun to internalise social messages of victim-blaming. The framework was developed by Melbourne psychologist, Ursula Benstead, to provide an accessible explanation for re-victimisation in girls and women that does not blame the victim. It is based on 25 years of clinical experience with girls and women who have experienced abuse and violence. The framework is built on a metaphor based on human rights.

8 Week Program - Running on Fridays Starting June 10th 12pm - 2:30pm This program is targeted and young women aged 16-25 years Gosford Location

If you or someone you know would benefit from the Shark Cage Program please reach out to RYSS Targeted Early Interventions Program Worker, Bec Johnston on 0439 462 738 or connect using the button below.


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