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Regional Youth Support Services ('RYSS') is a leading, locally based youth specific charity service, delivering frontline youth support and innovative engagement strategies to young people between the ages of 12 and 25. and their families in communities throughout the Central Coast. RYSS for over 3 decades we have been providing local, intensive case management, community outreach programs, early intervention support, family reconnections, indigenous support programs, events and activities.

RYSS believes in creating a diverse workforce, representative of the broader Australian community including Aboriginal and Indigenous Australians

All employees at RYSS require a current Working with Children Check and National Police Clearance.
You can apply for these at the links below. 


Click on position titles to download the full position job description and application criteria. 

This position provides casual casework support, as rostered by the Casework Team Leader, in the delivery of support to clients engaging within various programs and short-term projects across the organisation. The role requires one-on-one support, family support, and group work. This position generally requires the caseworker to follow the identified outcomes and case plans, and may also require assisting young people and young families in the design, planning, and assessment of support needs. This role is also required to implement decision making, task prioritisation, and at times operate independent of immediate supervision. 

Individual Support Workers engage with carers and young people to deliver assistance to clients under the NDIS. Young people with varying abilities are supported at RYSS, and this includes people with mental illness, and intellectual disabilities. Support is delivered in the context of both Core and Capacity Building Supports under NDIS. These supports include daily activity support, social and community engagement, support coordination, assistance with personal activities, behaviour support, assistance with household tasks, and other supports as identified by the Abilities Team Leader. This position provides in-home support as well as support for young people living independently. This role includes the assessment of strengths, needs, and risks of young people and/or their families and providing appropriate and accurate information, advice, support, resources and referrals and the development, implementation and monitoring of their individualised plans.

Click on the button below to fill in an application form and upload your CV/Resume. 

RYSS offers a range of innovative group activities, workshops, and projects to young people across the Central Coast – focusing on skill development and independence building, improving social capacity and engagement with peers, and in line with a range of evidence-based workshops and content.


Some groups require prior qualification or facilitator training in order to formally provide content. Other groups are peer-led activities by RYSS Youth Leaders and are focused on a social engagement experience in a safe space and positive setting. RYSS also develops an innovative range of workshop and activity projects designed to address the emerging needs and interests of young people in the community.

We are looking for people who have a variety of skills that they could share with our group participants. Skill sets we are looking for include cooking, fitness, photography, gaming, art and creativity, woodwork and music. 

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The Youth Leader & Mentor role delivers three primary functions:

  1. Delivery of direct client support in the context of guidance, leadership, and mentoring to young people who are supported by a RYSS Caseworker within all RYSS programs;

  2. Support the RYSS staff team in the identification and delivery of the goals associated with the young person to whom they are mentoring;

  3. Ensure stable and consistent networks and supports are available to clients accessing RYSS for assistance, including connections with health services, financial programs, Housing assistance, and culturally appropriate services and service delivery.

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