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Updated: Jun 15, 2021

It was a proud moment for all at Regional Youth Support Services when our work was nominated and awarded at the 2019 NSW Youth Work Awards. We are extremely happy to win the award for “Outstanding Youth Participation” for the work of The RYSS BUS. A huge congratulations goes to the RYSS BUS Crew who do a fabulous job engaging the young people in our community and continue to pioneer best practice for Youth Outreach Engagement across the Central Coast.

The 2018-19 year saw us directly connect with 8,768 young people and had contact with nearly 20,000 Central Coast residents. The BUS attended 86 separate engagements including coordinating youth festivals, attending schools, Young Parent Groups, Neighbourhood Centres and, community gigs across 34 different neighbourhoods in the Central Coast region.

The BUS delivers workshops about personal development and self-awareness; anger management, body confidence, respectful relationships, anti-domestic violence, anti-bullying, cyber safety, drugs and alcohol, anxiety and mental health and other issues that young people face in our communities. It also acts as a point of contact for support, information and referral helping young people better utilise the services in their local area.

Of course, to be able to deliver such a broad range of supports and programs, The BUS relies on the generosity of donors and Foundations we now eagerly await on announcements on 2020 support to continue the BUS’s outstanding results.

A big “Thank You” to Youth Action for celebrating the work that RYSS and other services provide for our communities.


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